- Glorious Dementiaby victortouche
This work has reached the exceptional level
aren't we all fading glory
Glorious Dementia by victortouche
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Can you see the light
emanating from
a bag of sugar?

"It's just
a reflection,

"Can't you see it?"

Can you?
I think
it takes
a while.

A mountain
of humility
to recognize
the reflection
of her brain
and all
its fading Glori.

As one
humbly accepts,
being flawed,
being a mammal
of free will-

for sins
so long ago.


Author Notes
My mother's name is Gloria.
Some have called her, Glori.
I have, on purpose, for contemplation and
emotive purposes, used Glory and Glori
as I will.

This is a true event, extrapolated by-me.

Thank you,

victor touche


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