- Everyday Valentineby the13thpoet
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Not just one day but everyday
Everyday Valentine by the13thpoet
Artwork by Joelgraphuchin at

Why is it that we use one day?
To express the things we feel, but don't say
Flowers and candy, oh what a surprise!
Can't compare to the loving look in your eyes

Jewelry and perfume, ain't that grand?
They can't replace the touch of your hand
Expensive material things may be your wish
But they can't compare to a lover's kiss

Designer clothes, a fancy dress
Doesn't compare to your caress
An exotic trip to a far-off place
Can't compare to your embrace

What does this mean? What am I trying to say?
Simply put, I need more than one day.
To show I'm so thankful that you're mine
'Cause you're my Everyday Valentine.


Author Notes
Thanks to Joelgraphuchin for the (he)artwork.


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