- Perspectiveby Coco Jane
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workplace harassment
Perspective by Coco Jane
100 Word Flash Fiction contest entry

"Men are pigs!" said Linda, tossing her auburn curls.

"Tell me about it," replied Monica.

"Brad, that X-ray tech, just said the most disgusting thing about my--body. Dr. Harris grabbed my butt in this very elevator--twice! And the new scrub nurse is constantly leering. Whistled at me in O.R. yesterday. Ugh!"

"Hasn't happened to me," said Monica, fingering her pimpled chin.

"We can't even complain. Reierson in Human Resources thinks it's funny! He's the worst! The way he ogles Dr. Brindel is sickening--and she enjoys it!"

As they stepped off the elevator, Monica whispered, "So would I."


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