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Animal Crackers
New event announced 4 days ago. Share your stories and poems about your pets or other animals. No challenges. No deadlines. Simply a place for animals lovers to share their experiences. Organized by damommy and jannypan. Club Organizer is damommy.

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Potlatch Poetry
Last event announced July 10, 2020. Come one, come all, Join us and have a ball. We're not a fancy group-- we write A to Z soup! Please participate so we can celebrate your awesome style whether with a smile or by shedding a tear- remember have no fear. ~~~NEWS~~~ 1. topic changes weekly--at times one will be assigned 2. poetry only--style will be announced with notes/info 3. picture choice or not author's choice 4. promotion or not author's choice 5. may write each week, skip one or more weeks, then return 6. do not use the 'reserve spot' if you are entering your work in a contest. Reserve your spot FIRST in the selected contest. 7. please sign in on the page under 'discussions' tab when you have completed your poem 8. please be selective about copying everything in your author notes--some is FYI--and no one reads it anyway once posted 9. pm me if you have ideas, questions, or need help 10. have fun! Club Organizer is Jannypan (Jan) .

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Flash Fiction and Short Shorts
Last event announced July 6, 2020. Some people don't have a very high opinion of flash fiction, even though some very famous writers have dabbled in this genre. So why don't we prove them wrong? Club Organizer is robyn corum.

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Pix This Challenge Group
Last event announced July 5, 2020. Do you enjoy a POETRY ONLY challenge? If so, this is the club/group for you. Every two weeks we post artwork/photo, which the club members write an ekphastic (interpretative poem) about. ● NOT A CONTEST ● This is just for 'fun', so enjoy! Club Organizer is BeasPeas.

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The Fabulous Free Versers Club
Last event announced June 28, 2020. Our purpose is to learn TRUE free verse poetry NOT just "words on a page". Free verse puts the writer in charge while still incorporating poetic devices. This is a chance to write poetry NO ONE ever dreamed of. Club Organizer is damommy.

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The Hellacious Horror Club
Last event announced June 1, 2020. In honor of all those who love the spooky, the scary and the ghoulish stories of horror, come join us one and all to explore the dark side and keep the Horror realm alive (or dead as the case may be)! At least one horror challenge will be posted each month, so get ready to dig deep down into the pits of hell and entertain us with your terror offerings! Prose or poetry – whichever you prefer! Club Organizer is Diana L Crawford.

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