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This trilogy of poems is universal and timeless -- the ages-old tale of a soldier, full of hope and youthful promise, who went off to war to defend family and country, but lost the life he might have had, leaving his mother to grieve for the rest of her life. Nothing I ever have read expresses the human cost of senseless war any better. Even the video is the author's work.

This is an awesome poem, and a wonderful tribute to our soldiers. So well crafted, I loved every word of it.

A poignant narrative that graphically depicts the inevitable fate and heartache of all wars.

This was tough. All wonderful poetry!

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Comments For The Jungle by easyeverett

Tom is the best on this site!

Comments For What will we pave our road with? by royowen

Enjoyed this paved road idea and of what we choose our path to be I don't think I could write a poem like this I've done a Christmas one before but I like this one more than my own hoping they win definitely -Echo

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Superbly written, and love the word Kerfuffle!

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