Comments For Painting with Ink by DragonSkulls

Excellent imagery.

Comments For Pups Eeny, Meeny & Miney (No Mo) by Ogden

Really, too cute.

Comments For Possibilities by Darlene Franklin

Its message is universal.

Comments For Time Well Spent Can Enrich by LisaMay

A timely message to spend time with loved ones.

Don't miss this both by two of our own! A book by Tootie and Commando

Bill and Cathy profess their love to each other under a willow tree in Tennessee before he leaves her. The year is 1964. Enlisted in the United States Air Force, he will be stationed in Texas, then Florida, before leading a Commando unit in Vietnam. The future for them remains uncertain.

Available as Paperback and Kindle!

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Shuffling for Turns
The genie and her masters strike a deal and prepare a wish .