Comments For Snowflake Shuffle by Y. M. Roger

Filled with energy and delight!

Comments For 'Snowflake' by Barb Hensongispsaca

A fun take on the humble snowflake!

Comments For Snow Day! by Kerry Robinson

Your poem delights us with the joy of children playing in the snow.

Comments For SNOWFLAKE (an acrostic) by Jannypan (Jan)

A "Salute," Laura Jan! Quite an "Awesome" Christmas poem for children of all ages in the Acrostic poem spelling "SNOWFLAKE" writing prompt entry. The Google image of the two young girls is "Astonishing!" Another "Extremely" impressive penning! Merry Christmas, best wishes for a contest win and God Bless.

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Shuffling for Turns
The genie and her masters strike a deal and prepare a wish .