Comments For Inspirational Indifference by Y. M. Roger

This dark, poetic prose fascinated me the most.

Comments For Make Lemonade by JLR

Brilliant, and excellent advice!

Comments For The Truth about Parenthood by HarryT

So true.

Comments For God's Wishful Prayers by Raul1

A very good poem.

Don't miss this both by two of our own! A book by Tootie and Commando

Bill and Cathy profess their love to each other under a willow tree in Tennessee before he leaves her. The year is 1964. Enlisted in the United States Air Force, he will be stationed in Texas, then Florida, before leading a Commando unit in Vietnam. The future for them remains uncertain.

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Shuffling for Turns
The genie and her masters strike a deal and prepare a wish .